c Roca Vecchia and Roca Nuova - the coast and the medieval village

Roca Vecchia Promontory from the Sky...

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Poesia Cave during the Sunset..

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Roca Vecchia

Roca Vecchia- archaeological area

Talking about this beautiful Coast of Melendugno is necessary make a distinction between Roca Vecchia coast and the Medieval Village Roca Nuova.
The first one is one of the most beautiful seaside resort of Salento. This coast is located between San Foca and Torre dell’Orso coasts. In addition to the sea, his reputation rests on the spectacular presence of archaeological excavations. It is a place whose excavations have unearthed fortifications dating back to the bronze age (1500-1100 cent. B.C.). Although it has been repeatedly destroyed by fires and historical vicissitudes, the place looks legendary and impressive.

From the iron age onwards had abandoned and populated again only in the late Middle Ages. In the 14th century “Gualtieri di Brienne”, Count of Lecce, had rebuilded the wall of the City but due to the Turkish invasions of the mid 400 ‘s population had left the village. The Turkish used the settlement of this place as logistics base for attacking the City of Otranto. In 1481 the City was liberated but became a refuge of pirates, going so far as to oblige, Ferrante Loffredo, Governor of the province of Terra d’Otranto, to raze it. The history of this coast is immersed in the deep sea. There are a lot of points, along the cliff, where you can bathe in a lonely place faraway from crowded beaches.

This Archaeological area represents a unique heritage in the world. Currently the area is aim of conservative restoration and enhancement and fruition of the archaeological area. Now it is available a free secure footpath to visit a part of this wonderful area and having chat with our archaeologists.
Opening times: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm
For further information and news visit the facebook page of Roca Archaeological Project

Roca Nuova_2

Roca Nuova-Medieval Hamlet

The second distinction is a deserted medieval village whose birth derives from the need of the citizens of the old town to move out because of fires and Turkish barbarity. Located at 26 meters above sea level, the coast is slightly more pushed in the hinterland. This Medieval Village was builded on a route that it joined Lecce to Acaya hamlet and then towards Otranto City, eventually rejoin with Via Traiana Calabra (extension of Roman route ancient). The village has four complexes, a Baronial Castle, two wells and the Chiesa Madre (Mother-Church).

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