c San Foca Coast - the second coast of Melendugno

San Foca Coast

San Foca is the second coast of Melendugno from the North. It is in the middle between Torre Specchia Ruggeri coast (North) and Roca Vecchia coast (South). It has an important Marina, one of the most renowned of the Adriatic coast.

In the begining this coast was a fishing village and over time has become a very important tourist resort. The

san foca

San Foca – Porto Turistico

coast is mainly rocky and breaks into two large sandy bays. In front of these two beaches emerge from this clear water a couple of rocks named Briganti – scoglio del sale (Little Bandits – salt rock) and Otto (eight) and thanks to ebb tide, they offer an evocative show. During the spring and early summer days, the beaches of San Foca coast offer a colourful view, thanks to the presence of typical flower of the Mediterranean Scrub. The seabottom of San Foca coast is mainly sandy and full of vegetation thanks to Posidonia and Cystoseira seaweeds. Near to the marina is situated the Watchtower of San Foca, built in 1568 by Antonio Saponaro Master of Lecce. The purpose of the tower was being the guardian from possible enemy invasion, in particular they could supervise and alert in case of Turkish invasions. The structure of the tower is the same for all the others Melendugno coast tower, square and pyramidal. Recently the watchtower has been modernising and nowadays it is an office of harbourmaster. The name is dedicated to San Foca,  the martyr gardener, known for being generous and hospitable man.

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