c Torre dell'Orso coast - the fourth coast of Melendugno

Watchtower, Torre dell'Orso

The two sea stacks "Le Due Sorelle"

Torre dell'OrsoTorre dell’Orso Coast

The popular holiday resort of the Adriatic coast of Salento. Torre dell’Orso coast is one of the most popular destinations of the whole Salento. Known for her wide beach, subtle and white sand and clear sea cleaned up by the flowings of Canale d’Otranto (Strait of Otranto). Unfortunately the origins of Torre dell’Orso are not certain: it could infer from the surname of the owner of agro Urso, as by the name of Sant’Orsola.

Another theory, more impressive and legendary, would make the name of “Torre dell’Orso” to the shape of the reef directly beneath the watchtower. In fact, it looks like a representation of a bear. Torre dell’Orso coast has a wide bay about one kilometre, starts from a thick pine forest and continues on the beach 800 metres long, contained by rock walls. Here it flows and flows into the tributary “Brunese”, you can see two stacks called “Le Due Sorrelle” (Two Sisters). To enrich this location also the cave of “San Cristoforo” in which were found ancients graffiti. From the southern cliff path starts, worked by man, where there are caves that fishermen used to store tools and spend the summer. Torre dell’Orso coast is became a point of reference of Salento nightlife.

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