c Torre Sant'Andrea coast - the fifth seaboard of Melendugno

Torre Sant’Andrea

Torre Sant’Andrea is the fifth coast of Melendugno territory on the South, also it marks the seaboard competency limit and the border with Torre Sant'AndreaOtranto territory. Compared to the other coasts, characterized by a low coast, Torre Sant’Andrea offers a jagged view from sculptural sea stacks, effigy of this typical fishing village with the lighthouse and dock too. Sea stacks and coves bring you to the neighboring Specchiulla and Frassanito. On the South Torre Sant’Andrea confining with Alimini beach delimited from Torre Fiumicelli (Fiumicelli Tower). This area is very lively since the spring, thanks to the events organized by the entertainment place close to the small beach. Wonderful sea, lush nature and various caves carved inside the rock used by the fishermen earlier, later as military purposes. They make the landscape of Torre Sant’Andrea unique and unforgettable. Many times the territory has obtained the Blue flag award and it become a popular destination and location for various shot of film and fiction.

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