c Torre Specchia Ruggeri coast - the first coast of Melendugno

Torre Specchia Ruggeri, Watchtower


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Torre Specchia Ruggeri Coast

Torre Specchia Ruggeri is the first seaside area of Melendugno from the north. This coast can be reached from Lecce along the SP 366 San Cataldo-Otranto route.

torre specchia ruggeriThe Riserva Naturale Le Cesine (Natural Oasis of Cesine), is the northern boundary of this coast, belonging to the area of Vernole District. The watchtower was built in 1568 in order to be the guardian from possible enemy invasions.  The watchtower is located close to the border of Riserva Naturale Le Cesine. Torre Specchia Ruggeri coast is located 6 kilometres from Melendugno, 20 kilometres from Lecce and 23 kilometres from Otranto. It is only 5 metres above sea level, approximately the territory of covers a seaboard of 2 kilometres, alternately there are inlets and small beaches. All its coastline is separated from the way which it separates the coast and the pine grove and also connects Torre Specchia Ruggeri to San Foca coasts, the second coast of Melendugno immediately adjacent toward South. The area is very fishy and year after year It has been transformed from a local holiday village to  a famous holiday destination. There are some beach club, restaurant and other entertainment places

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