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San Niceta Abbey, Melendugno

Madre Maria SS. Assunta Church, Melendugno

D'Amely Castle, Melendugno

  • Contacts

    Melendugno Municipality -Via San Nicola – 73026 – Melendugno (LE)  Phone: + 39 0832 832111 Fax: + 39 0832 832545/

    Local Police -Via Castello, 18 – 73026 – Melendugno (LE) Phone: + 39 0832 831122

    Carabinieri (Other Police) – Via Antonio Gramsci, 7 – 73026 – Melendugno (LE) Phone: + 39 0832 834576

    Emergency Medical Care – Via S. D’Amely, 22 – 73026- Melendugno (LE) Phone: + 39 0832 831002

    Pharmacy – Via Parallela F.lli Longo – 73026 – Melendugno (LE)  Phone: + 39 0832 834574

  • Cash Machine

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  • Civic Library Centro Culturale Rina Durante

    Via Salvatore Potì, 48 – 73026 – Melendugno (LE)

    Phone: + 39 0832.837265

    Mobile Phone: +39 328.6793901

    Official Website


melendugno townMelendugno Town is an italian small town situated in Province of Lecce City with 9,854 citizens. Located in Salento, Central and Eastern European, Melendugno Town is 36 metres above sea level which is only 6 kilometres away from it. The territory extends in a wide area, around 92 kmq, landscapes typically rural included with olive trees, Mediterranean vegetation and sea. The territory includes the hamlet of Borgagne and 17 kilometres of Adriatic Coastal. Recently this Adriatic Coastal has been obtaining the Blue Flag rewards by Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). This part of Salento composed of bays, crystal blue sea and Mediterranean scrub attract a lot of tourists during the Summer Season, including these coasts: Torre Specchia Ruggeri, San Foca, Roca, Torre dell’Orso, Torre Saracena and Torre Sant’Andrea.


The prehistoric and two dolmens, Placa and Gurgulante, from the eneolithic, testify to a distant source. The first settlement, today preserved as well, is represented by archaeological Roca Vecchia. In this settlement can still be seen an evolution of three fortified towns, built on the ruins of another, dating from the 16th century BC It is the only evidence in Europe of walls made of blocks and Bole. The destruction by fire of Roca Vecchia, bring to the construction of a new Rocanuova Center. The area was unhealthy, so by Decree 25.11.1808, during the reign of Joseph Bonaparte, King of Naples, was established the municipality of Melendugno, with fractions of Roca and Borgagne.  Melendugno boasts a noble origin, dating back to the Normans. Under the latter, the monks settled in the town, building abbeys and overseeing the florida agriculture in the area. An indelible mark of their passage is the Abbey of Saint Nicetas of which remains only the Church with frescoes dating back to the 14th century. In the apse you can see the depiction of our Lady of Loreto. The feudal territories experienced a development strongly, rising from Gadre, Of Saba to De Palacis.


The area has a typical Mediterranean climate: mild winters and summers hot and humid. The highest recorded temperature is 39° with a moisture content equivalent to 89%, a combination that leads to sense the temperature well over 40°. The territory is drawn by three sectors: tourism, agriculture and fishing.

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