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what to see and to do at Torre dell'Orso

What to see and to do at Torre dell’Orso

What to see and to do at Torre dell’Orso

Torre dell’Orso is one of the most famous tourist place of the Adriatic coast of Salento. Its bay is one of the major tourist attractions here, thanks to this great beach located in the middle of two large cliffs, you can enjoy a clear and often calm sea. The pine forest and is suitable to be a place to relax away from the sun of the hottest hours of the day.

What to see and to do at Torre dell’Orso, there are definitely two great class attractions: the stacks, referred to as “the two sisters”, and the cave of St. Christopher.

Young people from Salento love this village to its vitality. The central square, the beaches and some local, come alive at all hours of the day, offering entertainment, live events, meals and typical drinks and more.

The calendar of events is dense and in addition to individual private initiatives, the municipality of Melendugno organizes the Blue Festival, a cartel of events ranging from festivals, fairs, exhibitions, concerts and live shows to enjoy the best the refreshing sea air in one night summer.

What to see and to do at Torre dell’Orso? We certainly cannot fail to mention the one next to the promenade of the watchtower from which the town takes its name.

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