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The most beautiful places of Salento

The most beautiful places of Salento: here, an useful information about 10 places to see in Melendugno

Would you like to discover the most beautiful places of Salento? Here some advices for all ours coasts. We will describe 10 places to see, interesting and unmissable.

The famous promontory of Roca Vecchia

This Archaeological area represents a unique heritage in the world. Currently the area is aim of conservative restoration and enhancement and fruition of the archaeological area. Now it is available a free secure footpath to visit a part of this wonderful area and having chat with our archaeologists. More info

Grotta della Poesia

Maybe it is one of the most beautiful places of Salento…definitely not to miss!National Geographic considers it one of the 10 natural pools of the world;  This is an important naturalistic and archeological site that is part of coastal Karst cavity system, reached and flooded from the sea through a channel, reachable by small boats or swimming. More info


Recognized as archaeological sites along the provincial road Melendugno-Calimera, surrounded by olive groves next to each other, there are two amazing prehistoric megalithic monuments: Placa Dolmen and Gurgulante Dolmen..More info

Phytopurification system

One of the most important naturalistic sites at national level, as well as the biggest phytopurification system of Italy, top of the Europe for size and flow rate of wastewater and winner of the national award “Pianeta Acqua 2011”….Watch the video of the phytopurification system from a drone!

Roca Nuova Medieval Village

Roca Nuova is a deserted medieval village. The excellent state of conservation and the recent restoration, might notice the sixteenth-century tower, the Church of San Vito and the small town that was born from the need of the population to move from the beleaguered Roca Vecchia. More info

Sea stacks – Le Due Sorelle

In the far south of the Bay of Torre dell’Orso, meet two stacks, close and very similar, for this reason called “the two sisters”. According to legend, the name derives from two sisters who one day decided to escape the everyday looking for refreshment in the sea….More info

Petraroli Castle – Borgagne

Once stood at the edge of the small village of Borgagne, eastbound, in order to carry out more effectively the defensive function. The complex has a rectangular plan and a tower erected in 1498, whose date is derived from the inscription in the walls erected to protect the village….More info

Borgagne – hypogean olive-press

Built in 500 forms the basement of Palazzo Saeng, located in via Lecce, and placed two meters below street level. It is carved into the Rocky Bank of tufa, nature to an average height of 120 cm….More info

Madre Maria SS. Assunta Church – Melendugno

The Church is in Mons. Durante square, the Church dates back to the 16th century and had a nave, which at present represents the nave in a typically Latin cross plant….More info

Presentazione del Signore Church – Borgagne

This church has the 16th-century the apse. Consecrated in 1584, is complemented by a robust portal built in 1611. The property has a single nave, vaulted in 1780 and has four altars, two on each side. More info

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