c What to see and to do at Torre Sant'Andrea? Let's find out!
what to see and to do at torre sant'andrea

What to see and to do at Torre Sant’Andrea

What to see and to do at Torre Sant’Andrea? Torre Sant’Andrea is one of the smallest villages of Salento, for this charming and lovely. A small fishing village, rich in history and charm. Its jagged cliff stops in a small sandy cove.

There is definitely a short hike among the caves carved into the rocks, where there have been hiding in times of war, shelters for fishermen and antique stores.

A walk on the cliffs, sheltered by pinewoods luxuriant nature, or pausing to sip a glass of beer and enjoy an excellent frisa salentina (a tipical local bread) during the cooler hours of the sounds of a live concert or a DJ set. Since spring this jewel of Salento is filled and begins to fill with events, providing an enchanting setting with the moon falls on a mirror of crystal clear water and calm.

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